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I'm a Professional Organiser and busy working mumma like most of us trying to keep up with life in general.  I have always been a very organised person and went about de-cluttering my home and office fairly regularly.

Things changed dramatically in 2015 when the loss of our business forced us to downsize to a little wee shack in the South West of WA.  It seemed like in the blink of an eye everything was gone - the worst thing you can imagine, right ! 

So Wrong, letting go of stuff and going back to the bare basics was the most freeing experience that I have every had.  

This set me on my journey to help others to declutter and see that having less stuff give you so much more time.  Less picking up and more time to spend doing what you love.

I't so important to be in the right state of mind to start your process, there are the right times and the wrong times.

Remember clutter did not just happen it accumulates over times, there are no magical fixes, just baby steps and keep moving forward.

During my down time I sought help from various Coaches in Mindset and Intention and have self taught myself and my family Mindfulness and how a positive attitude and intention can help you overcome difficult times in your life. Having gratitude and intention has helped us to transform our lives to get back on track.  Life is a journey!

I am not a qualified physiologist or life coach,  I guess you could say my experience has come via "life experiences".  These lessons have certainly been a good apprenticeship. 

If you would like to start a conversation please give me a call and we can start your journey together.

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