Mud Rooms Australia

What is a Mud Room?

Traditionally a Mud Room comes from the South West of America, a place to drop your muddy, wet soggy clothes shoes and sk's or hunting gear.

In Australia we generally have poorly designed laundry rooms that really are not used effectively for organising kids and pets items.

At Mud Rooms Australia we aim to personalise one room at a time to suit your specific needs.  You may not have kids or pets you may be at the stage where you need the perfect chair height to sit and rest, store walking sticks and coats, this may allow our seniors to stay in their own homes a little longer.  Whatever you need is we can help keep you achieve your perfect room.

Custom Mud Rooms. How does it work?

We can come and do a consultation in your home  or even over Skypand discuss your requirements.  This lasts up to 2 hours.

We can talk you through what you need, your budget, materials and finishes you like to design the perfect fit for you.  We love to include your pets in these designs as a valued family member.

If you have the time and skill you can build it yourself, we can help you with plans and a materials list to build it or we will complete the entire project for you.

pet mud room

How Much Does a Mud Room Cost?

Like any design it depends on what finishes you choose by we can say a D.Y.I project start from $500.* This is general figure and depends on size and material used.

We aim to provide a personal service to best suit you and your style.  We have skilled tradespeople to complete these jobs to a very high standard.

You gain our expertise the minute we sit down at our consultation so you can plan you own room or we can construct it for you with your laundry room ideas.

We do charge for our consultations as you can then use this advice to build your own room or we will take the consultation cost off the mud rooms we build for you.

Mud Rooms are essential for School Bag Organising in your home.

Servicing Perth, Western Australia